Chloroform, 1 1/2 fluidounces.

Tincture of opium, 1 1/2 fluidounces.

Tincture of camphor, 1 1/2 fluidounces.

Aromatic spirit of ammonia, 1 1/2 fluidounces.

Best brandy, 2 fluidounces.

Mix together. Each fluidrachm of the finished elixir contains eleven and one-fourth minims of each of the medicinal ingredients. It should be dispensed cautiously.

This preparation was originally used under the name "chloroform paregoric of Dr. Hartshorne," and the formula was published in the book of formulae issued in 1867 by the joint committee of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Associations of the District of Columbia. In former editions of our work this compound was entitled "Elixir of Chloroform."