Elixir of valerianate of ammonium with cinchonidine, . 8 fluidounces.

Elixir of valerianate of ammonium with pyrophosphate of iron, 8 fluidounces.

Mix them together.

Each fluidrachm (teaspoonful) of the finished elixir contains two grains of valerianate of ammonium, one grain of pyrophosphate of iron, and one-half grain of cinchonidine, the latter in the form of an acetate.

Caution. Excess of acid will cause the pyrophosphate of iron to gelatinize. Excess of alkali precipitates the cinchonidine. The elixir should be made as nearly neutral as possible, and remain transparent, by the use of acetic acid and ammonia water, as indicated by litmus paper.