Elixir of calisaya bark with pyrophosphate of iron, 16 fluidounces.

Strychnine, 1 1/4 grains.

Acetic acid, a sufficient quantity.

Powder the strychnine, dissolve it in a sufficient amount of acetic acid, and add the elixir of calisaya bark with pyrophosphate of iron, and, if necessary, ammonia water to neutralization.

Each fluidrachm (teaspoonful) of the finished elixir contains two grains of pyrophosphate of iron, about one-hundredth of a grain of strychnine, and represents four grains of officinal calisaya bark. This preparation is that recommended by the American Pharmaceutical Association, 1875.

In former editions of this book (see page 17) the strength of this elixir was given as one-fiftieth of a grain of strychnia in each fluidrachm. In order to confirm the work of the National Formulary committee we have changed the proportion to one-hundredth of a grain.