Vanilla extracts vary in quality in accordance with the fineness of the vanilla bean that is used in making them. If the operator desires a superior extract of vanilla, the bean employed as a base must be good. We refer now to vanilla that is designed to be unexcelled and that is made from vanilla. Much of the cheap extract of the market is made from Tonka bean, coumarin, or other similar aromatic flavors. It is often, perhaps, necessary for druggists to make similar cheap extracts in order to compete with such commercial preparations as are used in some confectioneries, and, in addition to an extract of the best quality, he may desire to make an inferior brand for cheap trade. We therefore give several formulae, from which selection may be readily made.

For a soda water flavor we commend the following:

S-33. Flavoring Vanilla Extract (Fine)

Vanilla, fine, 1/2 ounce.

Sugar,about 1/2 ounce.

Alcohol, water, of each a sufficient quantity.

Cut the vanilla beans transversely into thin slices, place in an iron mortar, and by concussion, gradually adding sugar to absorb the juice, crush the bean until reduced to the condition of a coarse powder. Prepare a percolator for percolation, introduce the powder in the usual manner, press gently, and cover with dilute alcohol (about twenty fluidounces). When this liquid appears at the exit, cork the percolator and allow maceration to progress for a period of twenty-four hours. Then remove the stopper and allow the percolation to progress slowly until one pint of tincture is obtained.

This extract is of a rich dark-brown color, and its quality will be in accordance with that of the bean used in its manipulation. If the operator uses stronger alcohol than we direct, the extract will be of a much lighter color. True extract of vanilla improves in flavor and aroma by age, and it is better to use that which has been made a month or more.

S-34. Flavoring Vanilla Extract (Cheap)

Balsam Peru, k ounce.

Vanilla, k ounce.

Sugar, alcohol, water, of each a sufficient quantity.

Rub the balsam of Peru with magnesium carbonate sufficient to make a powder. Cut and bruise the vanilla with the sugar as directed in the preceding formula. Mix the two powders, pack in a percolator, and exhaust in the usual manner (see preceding formula), obtaining therefrom one pint of extract.

This extract is, in our opinion, to be preferred to flavoring extract of vanilla that is strengthened with Tonka.

S-35. Flavoring Vanilla Extract (Cheap)

Vanilla, 1/4 ounce.

Tonka, 1/4 ounce.

Sugar, water, alcohol, of each a sufficient quantity.

Reduce the beans to a powder with sugar, as directed in formula No. 33, pack in a prepared percolator, and extract with dilute alcohol, making one pint of the extract.

S-36. Flavoring Vanilla Extract (Cheap).

Tonka (or vanillons), 1 ounce.

Balsam Peru, 1/4 ounce.

Sugar, alcohol, water, of each a sufficient quantity.

Reduce the beans and balsam of Peru to a powder, as directed in No. 34, and exhaust the mixture by percolation as directed therein. Make one pint of extract.

It will be observed that this preparation can make no claim (if made of Tonka) to the title of vanilla, and yet it is similar, in our opinion, to some of the cheap extracts of "vanilla" of the market.

From the foregoing formulae the operator can likely make a selection to suit his taste or that of a patron. We would strongly urge, however, that, if consulted in the matter, he recommend the product of formula No. 33, and that, if desirous of building up a good and permanent soda-water business, he use only an extract made of a fine quality of vanilla bean.