That which we have written concerning artificial flavoring extract of strawberry may be applied to the flavoring extract of raspberry. While some formulae that we have seen are complex and demand the use of rare ethers, we have not observed that the products more nearly resemble the flavor of fresh raspberries than an extract made of cheaper ingredients. We have not as yet found any mixture that will more than remind us of the rich fragrance of the ripe, red raspberry. Indeed, in the raspberry season the artificial imitations of this fruit are far from being satisfactory, although they may be used when the fruit is out of season. The formula for extract of strawberry is usually adopted, we believe, as that of extract of raspberry, the difference being that the color is intensified in the raspberry. However, we have found the following process to give satisfaction in a commercial way, and we therefore introduce it as a formula for flavoring extract of raspberry:

Fluid extract of orris root, 2 fluidounces.

Acetic ether, 1/2 fluidounce.

Oil of cognac, 10 drops.

Butyric ether, 5 drops.

Diluted alcohol, 16 fluidounces.

Mix the ingredients, color to a dark red with tincture of cochineal, and after a few days filter if necessary.