18th March 1992

Dear Ross,

I don't want to bore you with a long story but I came out of Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, just after Christmas. I had been sent there by a specialist for open heart surgery but after they took an Echo-gram, they decided that my heart was just too bad to do anything. I was fine tuned on to some drugs and sent home with the doctor's departing handshake and "We shall be seeing you again I expect."

Life, though not so bad as some of your readers, was for me pretty poor. I couldn't stand up without blacking out--I had to sleep sitting up and couldn't walk further than 200 yards and that very slowly, without sitting down for a rest--and often needing an anginine tablet to get me back home.

I am a retired RAF pilot that's getting on a bit. I flew through WW2, the Berlin Air Lift, the Malayan Campaign and the Korean War-mostly in Sunderlands--then on to exploding the A and H bombs--22 years of flying. So when I heard that a QANTAS pilot had written The Health Revolution, I took the trouble to get a copy of the book and read it. I was so fit at the time (ie my wife and I had just sailed our 30ft catamaran out here from England) that I really didn't take a lot of notice of what I was reading--after all, I was already on a Weight Watcher's diet at the time. So you can imagine how shocked I was when they told me in hospital that the terrible chest pain was a heart attack, and that was nearly two years ago. Since then we have been back to the UK and travelled 10,000 miles over the British Isles but on my return home here, I had another attack--and finished up in Prince Charles Hospital.

This time, when I came out of hospital, my wife said: "Right, we go to the library and see if Ross Horne has brought out any new books." This we did and found you had.

I read Improving on Pritikin from cover to cover (plus re-reading The Health Revolution again) and found your arguments water tight. I immediately went on to the full fruit and raw vegetable diet, except that I still have the need of a cup of tea, two or three times a day (made with no sugar and skim milk).

Ross, I can hardly believe the improvement in my heart. After only three weeks I am walking two miles, can stand up to attention and salute without blacking out and at night I am sleeping like a baby on my back flat. I am afraid to talk about it as I am very superstitious and I am scared I might have a set-back. But I feel I must thank you for producing this book, which has changed my poor life to an exciting one again. The amount of research and sheer hard work which you must have put into this book is very much appreciated. I drive my car and nip around (with some caution) like a 40 year old, and am making plans to visit the UK next year (via QANTAS--who else?).

I have already bought three copies of your book, which I have passed on to relatives and friends--and have ordered another three more.

I wish you every success and very good health. If by chance you are ever planning to give lectures anywhere on the Sunshine Coast, my wife and I would deem it a privilege to attend. Please let us know if you have been able to open a type of Longevity Centre in Australia--if so could you let us know more about it.

Very kind regards,
B.C. Horsnell, Sqn Ldr RAF Retd

Author's Note

I could fill a whole book with stories like these, but if I haven't got my point across by now, I never will.

However, if they give needed encouragement, more can be found in the chapter "Living Proof" in The Health Revolution and also in Improving on Pritikin. These include cases of recovery from MS, rheumatoid arthritis, hairy cell leukemia and, of course, cancer and heart disease.