The small matter of proving that the virus caused the disease still remains, and it remains for two very good reasons:

  1. There is no valid evidence that the virus causes AIDS.
  2. There is an enormous weight of evidence to show that it does not.

So far the HIV theory of AIDS has been sustained in the absence of proof by the very fact it was sponsored and officially launched by the US Federal Government agency, the National Institute of Health. Such credibility was enough for people everywhere to accept the virus theory without question, particularly in view of the fact few doctors know much about viruses anyway, especially "retro"-viruses. And since the official launching of the HIV theory it has been sustained by a constant stream of propaganda from the National Institute of Health's instrumentalities, the Center of Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration, which contains information relating only to HIV infection rates and so on, completely excluding any of the valuable original research data which on its own invalidates the HIV theory.

The HIV pantomime is nearly over, having had a surprisingly long run. It started in Washington DC, and that's where it will finish, although most of the action has been generated in California. The man who has done most to dispel the myth of HIV and to put some common sense back into medicine is the world's leading virologist, Professor Peter Duesberg of the University of California, Berkley. Selected in 1987 by the National Institute of Health as one of America's twenty-three most brilliant scientists, Duesberg was awarded the prestigious $500,000 Outstanding Investigator Grant. Great things were expected of him in the war against AIDS, and great things he has indeed achieved--but not (to the dismay of the establishment) quite along the lines they anticipated.

As the world's leading retro-virologist, Professor Duesberg has always insisted emphatically that no retrovirus could possibly be the cause of AIDS. He has over and over again challenged Dr Robert Gallo, the initiator of the HIV hypothesis, or anybody else from the medical establishment, to debate the HIV argument: any time, any place, but there have been no takers. Instead he has had his Outstanding Investigator Grant terminated and his challenges to debate have been ignored or brushed aside as being trivial. But the challenges are not trivial, and sooner or later will have to be answered. In more and more news articles journalists are demanding these answers and coming out in support of Duesberg. Professor Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, the very man who discovered HIV in 1983, has stated publicly he no longer believes the virus to be the cause of AIDS. Dr Robert Gallo, the man who dishonestly claimed to first discover HIV and then initiated the HIV hypothesis in 1984, is now back-pedalling on the HIV theory as his credibility dwindles and investigations of fraud threaten the reputation of his entire establishment.

As this book goes to press, a news report from Paris (the Australian, 21 April 1992) reads as follows:

Panel Clears HIV Scientist of Plagiarism
by Helen Evans in Paris

An American researcher, Dr Robert Gallo, accused by French scientists of improperly taking credit for discovering the AIDS virus, has been cleared of misconduct by a team of investigators.

The decision by France's Office of Scientific Integrity came after a two-year investigation into accusations of scientific misconduct by the Gallo team.

Although Dr Gallo was cleared by the report, charges of scientific misconduct were retained against his main collaborator, Mikulas Popovic.

At stake in the battle are royalties from the commercialisation of the diagnostic test for the virus, which are shared equally by France and the United States. It was unclear last night if that arrangement would change.

Scientists at the Pasteur Institute in Paris accuse US researchers of using scientist Dr Luc Montagnier's AIDS virus without giving credit to his French research team, an accusation partially backed up by the report.

The study found US researchers succeeded in isolating samples of the virus before receiving the French sample, but should have given credit to the French for isolating the initial virus.

Dr Gallo and Dr Montagnier are officially considered co-discoverers of the virus under a 1987 agreement between Paris and Washington.

The French Minister of Research, Mr Hubert Curien, said he thought the agreement should be renegotiated.

From this report it would appear that a two-year investigation has found enough evidence of scientific misconduct to warrant charges against Gallo's closest collaborator Popovic, but at the same time not sufficient evidence to involve Popovic's closest collaborator, Gallo. Does this mean Dr Gallo does not know what is going on in his own inner sanctum? One way or the other he has blown it, because if he doesn't know what is going on under his nose in his own laboratory, what chance has he of knowing what goes on in the microscopic world of cells and viruses?

With due respect to the French Office of Scientific Integrity, it is becoming more and more evident that the medical management of the AIDS problem has been nothing less than farcical ever since the HIV theory was swallowed, hook, line and sinker, by almost everybody in 1984, at the same time reeking in some circles of gross ineptitude, deceit and greed for money.