That the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has for years been a powerful instrument manipulated by the pharmaceutical companies has been obvious to some people for a long time. Its legislation has always been to stamp out as quackery all forms of natural therapies while at the same time protecting the interests of the drug manufacturers. In the US the FDA faces a bitter opponent in the form of the National Health Federation, dedicated to freedom of choice and the breaking of the medical monopoly which has become more and more profit motivated and, at the same time, counterproductive to public health. The NHF's journal Health Freedom News, October 1991 issue featured an opening article by the Federation's president, Maureen Salaman, titled "Watchdogs to Watch the FDA Watchdogs, Can the Food and Drug Administration Stand Close Scrutiny?" It commenced:

"Supposedly a reformer, FDA Commissioner David A Kessler, MD, continues ever-enduring FDA policy of giving undivided attention to a pimple and ignoring a cancer, of overlooking major pharmaceutical companies' toxic, sometimes lethal, drugs and persecuting small manufacturers of harmless vitamin supplements. Pursuing the same FDA course of letting the Goliaths of the drug industry get away with--yes--murder . . .

. . . Now what are Dr Kessler's ignored cancers? The antiquated, riddled-with-faults, rotten-with-politics approval system for harmful medicines and drugs, the FDA's hierarchy manned in many instances by former drug company executives-the revolving door system of executives flowing from the FDA into drug companies and vice-versa--and the FDA's Big Brother policy of arbitrarily raiding plants of legitimate nutritional supplement companies--intentionally or unintentionally keeping health-giving products off the market.

First things first. Anyone who has even glanced casually at an ad for a drug product in a medical magazine and noted the frightening side effects will feel icicles racing up and down their spine.

   At best, any medicine or drug listed in the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) can sicken, disable, or even kill a patient while alleviating his symptoms. So prescribing any of them is potentially like playing catch with vials of nitroglycerine."

And that's only the start of the article--and you can't say things like that in the USA unless you can back them up. And she does.

In conclusion to this chapter I should again emphasize that, there are many medical drugs capable of destructive effects like those of AZT. Alpha interferon, the new drug recommended for the treatment of hepatitis C, has as previously mentioned the following side effects: depression, skin rashes and low white blood cell count. Great drug--it can pull you out of the minor league and make you eligible for AZT!

Thank God for the Salvation Army and the National Health Federation! (N.H.F. address: 212 W. Foothill Blvd, Monrovia, California 91017, P.O. Box 688 Monrovia)