Note: Readers on AIDS should include as desirable reading all the books, particularly those on cancer.

AIDS The HIV Myth*, Jad Adams (Macmillan, 1989)

Roger's Recovery from AIDS*, Bob Owen, MD (DAVAR, Ca., 1987)

They Conquered AIDS, Scott J. Gregory, Bianca Leonardo (Free Of Life Publications, Ca., 1989)

Healing AIDS Naturally*, Laurence Badgley, MD (Human Energy Press, San Bruno, 1987)

Beyond AIDS: A Journey Into Healing, George Nelton (Brotherhood Press, Ca., 1988)

Conquering AIDS NOW! With Natural Treatment, Scott J. Gregory, Bianca Leonardo (Warner Books, 1986)

You Can Knock Out AIDS, Ian Brighthope, MD (Biocentres, Melbourne, Australia, 1987)

AIDS & Syphilis: The Hidden Link, Harris Coulter, Ph.D (N. Atlantic Books, Berkeley, Ca., 1987)

AIDS & Substance Abuse, Larry Siegel, MD (Harrington Park Press, 1987)

Choose to Live*, Laurence Badgley, MD (Human Energy Press, 1987)

The AIDS Book: Creating A Positive Approach, Louise Hay (Hay House Inc., Santa Monica, 1988)

Death Rush, Poppers and AIDS, John Lauritsen, Hank Wilson (Pagan Press, NY, 1986)

AIDS: Hope Hoax and Hoopla*, Michael Culbert, D.Sc (The Robert Bradford Foundation, Chula Vista, Ca., 1989)

The Great AIDS Hoax, T.C. Fry (Life Science Institute, Austin, 1989)

AIDS Inc. Scandal of the Century, John Rappoport (Human Energy Press, San Bruno, 1988)

AIDS: A Comprehensive Investigation*, Margot Fromer (Pinnacle Books, NY, 1983)

Why I Survived AIDS, Niro Markoff Assistant with Paul Kelly (Simon & Schuster, 1991)

Psychoimmunity & The Healing Process, Jason Serinus (ed.) (Celestial Arts, Berkeley, Ca., 1986)