NOTE: Although the book list is divided under three headings: General, Cancer and AIDS, it should be remembered that all disease states are linked to unbalanced homeostasis one way or another, so that whatever a person's particular health problem may be, and whatever set of circumstances may have brought it about, the principles involved in restoring homeostasis will be the same in all cases. Thus there should be no attempt to search for specialised information once the required understanding of any single health problem has been gained. What I am trying to say is that you would not be wasting time if you read all the books.

Broadly, the books fall into three categories:

  1. Those written by highly experienced doctors.
  2. Those written by grateful survivors (some of them doctors).
  3. Those written by investigative journalists.

Books marked with an asterisk are considered to be especially informative.

Many of the books are out of print and hard to locate. Two possible sources are Health Research, Mokelumne Hill, California, and The Cancer Control Society, 2043 N. Berendo, Los Angeles. To gain a deeper understanding of the processes that go on within the body, one has to become acquainted with the study of the Earth itself, the soil, the microbes in the soil, the plants, biology, physiology, anatomy and so on. Life and the nutrition that sustains it is an interesting and complex affair, which to find out if you've got it right you have to live 150 years! As far as I know the only people who have achieved this are simple peasants who aren't even interested! It's worth a try anyway . . .