Whereas arthritis is considered medically to be an auto-immune disease in which white blood cells supposedly attack the body's own tissues, it is nothing of the sort. There are two ways white cells become involved in the cause of arthritis:

  1. When uric acid levels resultant of excessive protein intake become so high as to precipitate uric acid crystals in the joints, the white cells (phagocytes) endeavor to destroy the crystals but are instead themselves destroyed by the crystals, and their corrosive digestive juices which are effective against other antigens, but not uric acid, are liberated into the joints, damaging them.
  2. In conditions of high blood viscosity due to lipotoxemia, oxygen levels in the synovial fluid of joints becomes so low that white cells in the area perish for want of it and their corrosive juices are, as in the uric acid case, liberated as the agent of joint damage.

Thus arthritis is caused by either excess protein or excess fat in the diet, or both, and is exacerbated by emotional stress which as a normal physiological event leads to the release of extra fatty acids into the blood. It should be noted that the high intake of vegetable protein and fats is as capable of producing arthritis as are animal protein and fats; and that it is a mistake to consume grainn products, lentils, etc in the belief they are healthful.

In most cases relief from arthritis is achieved in a few days once proper dietary procedures are adopted.