As already explained in Chapter 6, in most cases the pancreas of people with diabetes is perfectly capable of producing the insulin needed for the metabolism of the body's blood sugar, in fact sometimes double the amount. The reason that diabetes occurs in the presence of adequate insulin is that an excess of blood fats (lipotoxemia) inhibits the insulin from interacting with the sugar, so that all that is needed to restore most diabetics to normal is to get rid of the fat out of their bloodstreams. It is not a coincidence that most diabetics are overweight. Diabetics suffer all sorts of circulatory problems including heart disease, hypertension, glaucoma, blindness and so on, not because they have diabetes but because of the lipotoxemia which is also the cause of their diabetes.

Thus while diabetics can be assisted to metabolize their blood sugar by injecting them with extra insulin over and above that which they are producing themselves, the underlying cause--lipotoxemia--remains. When it is "officially" stated that diabetes is a leading cause of death it is no such thing; the cause of death among diabetics is none other than lipotoxemia which also causes their glaucoma, blindness and other associated problems. This information, as previously mentioned, has been known, in detail, since 1936, and experiments in the 1960s demonstrated that fit young athletes could be made (temporarily) diabetic in two days simply by loading their food with fat and protein and, in fact even in two hours, if lipids (fats) were infused directly into their blood.

The Pritikin Center in Santa Monica has demonstrated for years that most diabetics can be taken completely off their medication in just a couple of weeks on a very low-fat and low-protein diet (see The Health Revolution ), and it will also be recalled from Chapter 6 how diabetic city-dwelling Aboriginals quickly became free of diabetes when they are relocated on their tribal grounds where they resume their traditional native foods again.