The quickest and most effective way to detoxify the body and restore complete homeostasis is to go on a fast, where for an indefinite time only pure water is consumed, the length of the fast being dependent on the degree to which the body is encumbered throughout its tissues with accumulated waste products it had been unable in the past to eliminate. In a few days much relief of symptoms is experienced because blood fats quickly diminish and circulation greatly improves, but this is only the beginning, and in some cases fasts have been extended for many weeks before complete detoxification is achieved. While the fast is in progress no hunger pangs are suffered and the body's metabolism is sustained on body fat and superfluous tissue, as the organs of elimination proceed to "clean house". Fasting is not starvation and although the patient may lose a lot of weight and become quite thin, no damage is caused and all systems continue to improve. The signal to end the fast is when the coating disappears from the tongue and unpleasant body odors cease while at the same time a keen appetite returns. By this time the body will have shed whatever symptoms were troubling it such as arthritis, asthma, migraine, angina, diabetes and so on because these problems do not exist in the presence of complete homeostasis.

There are cases of course where a patient may be so depleted in reserves that a fast may be inadvisable, in which case partial fasting, taking only juices of fruits and vegetables (separately) will achieve the desired result.

It is suggested that if a fast is contemplated the subject of fasting should be studied beforehand and the fast should be conducted under supervision in a proper sanatorium. This of course involves time and expense, so unless the situation requires such drastic measures the detoxification program can be simply incorporated into a normal lifestyle with strict attention to natural diet.

There is no specific diet for the correction of any particular health problem you may have, because all health upsets, whatever their nature, stem from unbalanced body chemistry, and so the only object of the exercise is to correct the dietary errors that have led to this imbalance.

The guidelines for correct eating are given in the chapters on Toxemia and Dieting for Health, and providing these guidelines are followed your diet need not be spelled out in a series of ritualistic menus, but can be as varied and interesting as you wish. To assist in preparing simple food to make it more appealing to the eye and palate, there are a number of recipe books available, such as Toni Bobbin's Anti-Cancer, Anti-Heart Attack, Cookbook, which make the transition from traditional foods to toxemia-free foods easy.

When toxemia is eliminated and homeostasis restored within the body there is no metabolic malfunction (disease) that will not be corrected by the body's own capacity to heal itself, providing of course that this capacity has not already been irreparably damaged, and this is very rarely the case. There is only one catch to this panacea of free and lasting health, and that is it takes a certain amount of willpower to take advantage of it, because the addiction to the tantalising flavors of our traditional foods is very difficult to abandon, salt being probably the worst of them. But to repeat--there is no health problem that cannot be relieved and, in most cases, completely eliminated by getting rid of the mistakes of living.