30th October 1991

Ross, I prefer to call you by your given name because I feel that you are a very special person and I feel as many others would, very much in debt to you.

I will not bore you with the details of how I was notified (after six months) that I had prostate cancer, and by the time they found that out I had bone cancer too and the shocking wasting disease that took all my flesh away. I was told to go home as there was nothing they could do to help me.

I went home, but on the way out fate had put a man sitting on the edge of his bed. He said to me, "I am sorry to hear of your bad news." I am sixty-nine and I said to him, "Well, we have three score years and ten so I guess after what I have just been told I have one left, a year that is." Actually, I had three to four months according to the medical panel who had dealt with me. He said, "BULLSHIT! You are too young and fit to die." He added, "Cancer is a word, not a sentence."

He told me about you. I was told to buy The Health Revolution, fourth edition, and read it over and over.

Then he told me to contact a Mr Garth Squires at Bullsbrook, who was a friend of yours, and at one time had been only days away from dying of cancer himself.

Garth gave me detailed instructions of what I must do.

I went home that night and my son nursed me all night and I cried in his arms as the pain and worry took over. Your book was in short supply but I got a copy and never have I read a book so avidly as I did this one. I started the Gerson diet straight away. I have remained on raw fresh fruit since that day. I beat the pain bit by bit but it was tough and awful.

I lost 3-1/2 stone [22 kg] of the 9 stone [57 kg] that I weighed when this started. I am of small build: 5'6" [1.6 m]. I looked like I had just stepped out of a POW campall bones. I stayed static for six weeks, then in two months I have put on 10 lb [4-1/2 kg]. All pain has gone, the bladder is functioning, all my current crop of skin cancers fell off plus some nasty lumps on my body.

A blocked nerve channel is clean. New discs have grown in my neck (three were out according to my doctor, whom I may add won't have anything to do with me. Strange!).

It is a miracle. I have faith. I do not know why people are so blind.

Nature's food as God intended us to eat is all there, my body is restoring itself more each day, I can even hear the phone ring and that's the first time in ten years.

'There is a bit of a story there Ross: Garth told me to write to you and relate it.

I can only say that the information I gleaned from your wonderful book put me on the right track. Garth Squires has been a boon to me when I lost hope.

All this story has evolved over a period of six months. My blood pressure is normal and all systems are go.

I thank you Ross Horne that you are all the things that you are. I thank you for your brilliance in what you have achieved and may you continue a long and active life in those achievements.

Yours most faithfully,
Alfred Keane