When people speak of "cleansing diets", they mean diets which do not cause toxemia. Cleansing the milieu interieur is performed by the body itself, which of course it is trying to do all the time but can only accomplish properly when freed of constant overloads. The quickest way to achieve inner cleanliness is by not eating anything at all, ie fasting, and consuming water only for an indefinite period, but this requires tuition and supervision and will be discussed later. The role of garlic and other herbs in improving health when used therapeutically seems to be in emulsifying fat in the blood and lowering blood viscosity, but of course the real answer is not to put the fat in there in the first place.

In Western civilization it is well known that women on the average have a lifespan advantage of several years over men mainly because they are less prone to heart disease in their earlier years, but that after menopause they suffer vascular problems at the same rate as men. This protection enjoyed by women is obviously provided by a function males do not experience--menstruation, which is Nature's way of detoxifying a woman's body in preparation for an anticipated pregnancy. The degree of distress experienced in menstruation by some women is proportional to the degree of toxemia existing within them, and it is noteworthy that some women, who by virtue of superior diet are toxin free, suffer little or no discomfort or blood loss with their periods, as is also the case with fit women athletes whose body functions work more adequately to detoxify them all the time. Menstruation should therefore not be considered a 'curse' at all--it is a blessing that protects. It is the Western diet that is the curse. It is noteworthy, too, in relation to the superior health of the Hunzas, that there is also a difference in average life expectancy of about five years between males and females, which in this case favors the males who are by virtue of their occupations far more physically active than the women.

A disease which has not been recognized until recently but which has always been and is becoming still more common is iatrogenic disease, which means disease caused by medical treatment. Many sick people die of what are called "complications", and it is a fact that many such complications consist of metabolic malfunctions caused by medical drugs, all of which are depressants of the immune system. A less frightening example of iatrogenic disease is the frequency of various infections which appear to be contagious among hospital patients while at the same time the doctors and hospital staff remain unaffected.

Medical knowledge of the etiology (underlying causes) of most diseases is practically zero because the practice of medicine is founded on medieval beliefs in devils and potions, and it is significant that the wiser with age and experience a good doctor gets, the less he believes in the efficacy of his potions.

Most of the medicine prescribed by doctors they have little knowledge about other than the sales pitch given them by the pharmaceutical representatives (have you ever perused a medical journal?), but it is a pretty safe bet that if doctors ever studied the fine print in the drug manuals on the side effects of these drugs they would think twice before taking any themselves. It is also a pretty safe bet that if the patients ever got to read the fine print, they would quickly find the strength to run away.

Be that as it may, the main purpose of this chapter is to point out the mostly unsuspected dangers of autointoxication--toxemia generated within the body from our favorite foods--and to warn against the further toxemia produced in the body by the well-meaning efforts of the medical doctors who try to "cure" the effects of the first lot but only make it worse.

John H. Tilden, MD, said it all back in 1926. Summing up in his book Toxemia Explained:

"In chronic disease, the treatment, first, last and all the time, must be with a view of getting rid of the toxemia. This consists of correcting whatever habits of life are producing enervation, and then gradually building up a normal digestion, assimilation and elimination.

After fifty years of floundering in the great sea of medical and surgical speculation to find the causes of so-called diseases, all I could find was that all the people were sick part of the time, and part of the people were sick all of the time. But Glory be, all of the people were not sick all of the time.

Some people got well under my treatment and friends would say that I 'cured' them. Others died, and friends would say that Providence removed them. I knew that I did not cure those who got well, and I did not like to acknowledge even to myself that I had killed those who died.

It took a long time to evolve out of the one conventional idea of many diseases into the truth that there is but ONE disease, and that the four hundred catalogued so-called diseases are but different manifestations of Toxemia--blood and tissue uncleanliness."