The key to reclaiming your birthright and powering your way back to topline health and vigor is not that you have to do anything very special. You don't need to buy lots of herbs or meditate or have acupuncture.

All you have to do is to STOP doing the things that are doing you harm, whereupon your body, given favorable circumstances and with its inbuilt wisdom, will soon restore itself.

That is simple-but there are pitfalls, the main one being that the world is full of conflicting advice, most of it either only half right and a lot of it totally wrong, which means you must sift all the information you are offered regardless of its source. Remember: opinions only become facts when they are proven. To demonstrate this point, the chapters which follow describe just how mistaken many of our traditional beliefs are--beliefs about nutrition, germs and viruses, disease and medicine--which misconceptions, while held on to, prevent any chance of a full comprehension of our subject. Other information follows as well, of course, and as Sherlock Holmes said to his friend Dr Watson (or words to the same effect): "Whenyou have eliminated all that is false then whatever remains must be the truth."