The excuse often offered for not getting sunbaths, that there is no place to take them, is a lame one. Some day all cities will be equipped with solaria. There will be solaria on the roofs of tall buildings in the larger cities. Homes will even be so equipped. In the meantime, there is no lack of places for sun bathing for those who really desire to secure its benefits.

Where the will exists there is no lack of possibilities and facilities for sun-bathing in any spot where the sun shines. Balconies, flat-roofs, apartment house roofs, open verandas, a sunny place in the garden or park, offer splendid sun-bathing spots and require little or no ingenuity to shut them in for this purpose. The beach and secluded spots in the country offer possibilities for sun-bathing.

A sunny room, with the windows opened from the top, offers a chance for sun-bathing even in winter. Milo Hastings says he took sun-baths through two winters in Tarrytown, N. Y. If you do not have a sunny room in which to take a sun-bath, you may be able to find a friend who has such a room, which you may use. The chemical rays of the sun do not pass through ordinary glass. For this reason, a sun-bath taken in a room where the sun is forced to enter through glass, is of but little value. The sun should come through an open window or door.

A sun-bath may be taken on the front lawn, in the back yard, on an adjacent or nearby vacant lot, or other open space by donning shorts or bathing suit. Much benefit may be derived from sitting or lying in the sun while wearing a thin white gown.