Individuals whose skins redden, blister and sizzle, but never tan, are said to be heliophobes, and are advised to stay out of the sun. I think this is pernicious advice. These people also need sunshine and can take it if they use sufficient precaution. The first precaution is to get their sunbaths in the early morning, or in the late afternoon, when the sunlight is not so abundant in ultra-violet rays. The next precaution is to stay in the sun but a few minutes at a time. Begin with but one minute on each side and cautiously and slowly increase the time of exposure. It may even be possible, where time permits, to have two, or even three such short periods of exposure a day. In many, if not all cases, heliophobia may be gradually overcome. Even the albino can profit by sunbathing if he exercises due caution. I have seen albino cats whose ears were inflamed and covered with scabs throughout the summer months, but which healed up during the winter months. There is no reason why man should spend so much time in the sun that this should occur.