Sick and weak individuals need sunbaths most; yet these must observe greatest care in taking them. A headache, indigestion, or any other evidence of impaired health means that resistance is low and one so impaired may easily suffer from heat prostration from over-exposure, even where there is sufficient tan to prevent burning. Heart patients must be careful not to over-do the sunning.

The sun-bath often excites weak or nervous patients to such a degree as to prevent sleep. Sometimes after the bath they complain of a feeling of weakness which distresses them. Such symptoms are always the results of too frequent baths or of too prolonged baths. Nervous patients should exercise special care in avoiding over-exposure. Victor Dana, in The Sunlight Cure, also cautions against the over-stimulating effects of long exposure in neurotic subjects.

If pains increase, this suggests fatigue and over-stimulation. The sun-bath should leave one feeling better, not worse. If it leaves you weak or depressed or with an increase of any of your symptoms, you have had too much--take less next time.

Sufferers from asthma and tuberculosis may experience a slight difficulty in breathing after a sun-bath. These should shorten the bath next time. Pulmonary patients, especially those inclined to hemorrhage, those exhausted by nerve "disease," and heart subjects should be cautious in taking sun-baths. Hemorrhage of the lungs must be avoided.

In some quarters fear of sun-bathing in pulmonary tuberculosis persists. I have found it very beneficial in these conditions and have not seen any harm come from the practice. In this connection Rollier says: "Twenty years of experience has convinced me that patients with pulmonary tuberculosis do not suffer in the least from exposure to sunlight. Not once has there been a mishap of any kind; on the contrary, a striking improvement under the influence of the correctly administered sun-bath has been the rule in every case."

Fat women often complain that even a few minutes, as little as three to five, in the sun-bath, makes them sick. They complain of nausea, weakness, headache, and dizziness. These women must be handled with care. I have seen such developments in but one thin woman and none in normal individuals.