Cooking is claimed to be a predigesting process; it renders foods more digestible and thus saves the energies of the body. We are advised to avail ourselves of the advantages of this "pre-digesting" process. Invalids are especially admonished to eat well-cooked, toasted, dextrinized, etc., foods.

It has been previously shown that cooking does not pre-digest our foods. With rare exceptions, such as that of egg white, foods are rendered less digestible by cooking and all of them are rendered less nutritious.

But if this claim were true, there still seems to be no reason why we should cook our foods. Why we should substitute the wasteful processes of cooking for the conserving processes of digestion.

We should certainly avoid "pre-digested" foods. Our organs of digestion are made to perform the work of digestion and we should look with much suspicion upon all substitutes for these. If we do the work of the digestive organs for them, we weaken them and their functions. I do not believe that we can strengthen a weak digestion by eating so-called predigested foods, any more than we can strengthen a weak arm by refusing to use it.

The digestive juices are the natural food solvents and instead of weakening these by resort to half-foods, so-called pre-digested foods, and by resort to drugs and various "aids to digestion," we should correct the causes of impaired digestion and feed naturally.

If there is a need for rest of these organs and functions, give them a rest; but do not try to do their work for them. To "nourish" a sick body on "pre-digested," denatured products will not produce health and strength.