The diet daring the acute stage should consist mainly of milk, to which some common salt (about 15 grains to each half pint of milk) may be added with advantage. Vegetable soups may also be given, but meat soups, and the various meat essences and meat extracts should be avoided during the acute stage. Barley water, lemonade, infusion of tamarinds, or imperial drink should be given freely to allay the thirst. "Imperial drink" constitutes an excellent febrile drink. It is made by dissolving a teaspoonful of powdered cream of tartar (potassium bitartrate) in an imperial pint of water or barley water, and then sweetening . to taste with loaf-sugar which has been flavoured by rubbing against the rind of a fresh lemon.

Another useful drink is prepared by roughly tearing a lemon to pieces, boiling it for ten minutes in a pint of water, straining through muslin, and then adding 20 grains of potassium bicarbonate, and some ice to cool.

" Tamarind tea " is another excellent febrile drink. It is prepared by stirring a heaped-up tablespoonful of tamarind pulp with a pint of hot water for a few minutes, straining through muslin, and then adding some ice to cool.

As convalescence is established, the patient may be put on a fuller and more liberal diet. With regard to alcohol there is no necessity to administer it in the majority of cases, but if there is severe prostration small quantities of brandy may be given. In cases complicated with severe endocarditis or pericarditis stimulants are more frequently required, and in such cases brandy may with advantage be given in the milk.