Under this heading are included not only the chronic joint affections, which may be left as sequelae of acute or subacute rheumatism, and which may certainly and correctly be called true chronic rheumatism, but also that larger class of cases which are so commonly met with in practice, which are called "rheumatic," but which are not connected at all with what we know as true rheumatism. These are the cases in which the essential pathological change is an inflammatory hyperplasia of the white fibrous tissue in various parts of the body, to which the term "fibrositis" has been very aptly applied. They include the various forms of muscular rheumatism - lumbago, stiff neck, deltoid rheumatism, intercostal rheumatism, and also rheumatic neuralgia, Dupuytren's contraction, and chronic villous synovitis of the joints.

Unlike gout, no special dieting is required in these affections. Moderation should be the keynote of all prone to the various forms of fibrositis, and especially should they avoid foods which their experience has taught them to be apt to produce gastrointestinal fermentation. It is quite unnecessary to prohibit such articles as red meats, sugar, jams, bread, fruit, etc., in the cases of sufferers from the various forms of fibrositis. All these articles of food, if they do not produce indigestion, are perfectly wholesome. It has become of late years a fashionable craze to attribute many of the forms of "chronic rheumatism" to uric acid. That by-product of the human economy has no part or parcel in the production of any of the morbid conditions generally known as "chronic rheumatism".