Pemmican is a good instance of fat and protein in combination. It is the dried product of the best beef and fat, 50 parts of the former to 40 of the latter, and is most nutritious. Everton Toffee is a fat and carbo-hydrate food : so, too, is Chocolate, containing fat 20, and carbo-hydrate 50 per cent, but it is hardly a proprietary food. Cremalto is a mixture of Devonshire cream and malt. Virol is made from malt extract, marrow 'fat, yolk of egg and lemon juice. Its composition is stated to be : fat 20, malt extract 60 per cent. Virvis is much the same.

Mostelle Grape Juice is the pure fruit of the grape, preserved by pasteurisation before the least fermentation can take place. It contains no alcohol, and its acidity, reckoned as tartaric acid, is 0.50-0.68 per cent. The sugar amounts to about 25 per cent. Diluted, it forms a wholesome non-alcoholic drink. It is very useful for marasmic and ill-nourished infants and seems to possess valuable antiscorbutic properties. It can replace fresh fruit and is moderate in price (Is. to Is. 9d. per bottle).

The greater the knowledge possessed by the individual of the composition of natural and proprietary foods, and of the various means of modification by simple home methods, the less will he find it necessary to have recourse to the manufactured article, and the better will be the results of his dietetic treatment. Although unnecessary, it must nevertheless be clearly realized that such foods are sometimes of the greatest value. It is equally important to realize that a knowledge of the composition is essential to the proper utilization of any proprietary food.