When a case of protracted severe illness occurs in a household it is very convenient to improvise a small diet kitchen in a room next the patient's bedroom. The outfit should consist of the following articles, in addition to the usual receptacles for containing the food:

A spirit or gas lamp kept ready to heat a porcelain-lined saucepan at any time, day or night.

A double porcelain-lined saucepan for a hot-water bath.

A cooking thermometer for use in hot fluids.

A measuring glass to hold six or eight ounces.

Pancreatin powders.

A bottle of rennet ferment.

Sodium bicarbonate, two or three ounces.

Borax, half a pound (to clean utensils).

A glass funnel with filter papers.

A meat-mincing machine.

A good chafing-dish and a pair of scales, although not necessary, are highly desirable.