Tuberculosis, pulmonary as well as other forms; anaemia; chronic wasting diseases with secretion of pus, as empyema, chronic abscesses, etc.; marasmus; rickets; chronic bronchitis; many chronic diseases of the skin and nervous system.

Diseases in which the use of Fats should be forbidden or restricted. - All forms of acute gastro-intestinal disease; chronic gastritis; dilatation of the stomach; chronic diarrhoea; obesity; fatty and waxy liver; gallstones; acne; urticaria.

Generally speaking, fats are laxative, and oils should not be given in severe intestinal disorder.

By most persons fat cannot be eaten continuously in large quantity without producing indigestion. The stools become offensive and diarrhoeal, there is nausea and gastric indigestion, and disgust for such a diet very soon arises. There are those who are unable to digest fats in any amount, however small, and they must derive all their energy from carbohydrates.