Milk-And-Cinnamon Drink (Ringer)

Boil in one pint of new milk sufficient cinnamon to flavour it pleasantly, and sweeten with white sugar. This may be taken cold with a teaspoonful of brandy, and is very good in cases of diarrhoea. Children may take it warm without brandy.

Albuminised Milk (U. S. Army Hospitals)

Beat up the white of an egg till light. Add a good-sized pinch of salt, and four ounces of fresh, cool milk which has been sterilised. A little sugar may be added if desired.

Milk Punch

Make by adding brandy or whisky or rum to milk in the proportion of about one to four or six parts of milk; flavour with sugar and nutmeg; shake well.

Sherry Or Brandy And Milk (Ringer)

To one tablespoonful of brandy or one wineglassful of sherry, in a bowl or cup, add powdered sugar and a very little nutmeg to taste. Warm a breakfast cupful of new milk and pour into a pitcher. Pour the contents from a height over the wine, sugar, etc. The milk must not boil.

Bum And Milk (Fothergilt)

Half a pint of new milk, one egg, one to two teaspoonfuls of powdered sugar, grated nutmeg, one to two teaspoonfuls of good old Jamaica rum. Mix.

Junket (Anderson)

Sweeten with white sugar one pint of good milk. If wine is allowed, a dessertspoonful of sherry is an improvement. Heat to new milk warmth, pour into a shallow dish, and stir in two teaspoonfuls of essence of rennet. This will form a slight curd. Grate a little nutmeg over it or add a pinch of powdered cinnamon. Serve when quite cold. In cold weather the milk should be placed in a warm room to set. An excellent food, and good substitute for milk in typhoid fever, etc.

Artificial Human Milk (Frankland)

Allow one third of a pint of new milk to stand twelve hours, remove the cream, and mix it with two thirds of a pint of perfectly fresh cow's milk. Take the milk from which the cream was removed and put a piece of rennet about an inch square (fluid rennet may be employed) into it. Keep the vessel containing it in a warm place until the milk is fully curdled, an operation requiring five to fifteen minutes, according to the activity of the rennet, which should be removed as soon as the curdling commences, and put into an eggcup for use on subsequent occasions, as it may be employed daily for a month or two. Break up the curd repeatedly, and carefully separate the whole of the whey, which should then be rapidly heated to boiling in a small tin pan, placed over a spirit or gas lamp. During the heating a further quantity of casein [albumin?], technically called "fleet-ings," separates, and must be removed by straining through clean muslin. Now dissolve one hundred and ten grains of powdered sugar of milk in the hot whey, and mix it with two thirds of a pint of new milk to which the cream from the other fluid has already been added, as already described.

The artificial milk should be used within twelve hours of its preparation.

Biedert's Cream Mixture

Mix four ounces of cream with twelve ounces of warm water and add one half ounce of milk sugar.

Koumiss (Anderson)

To one pint of new milk add three ounces of water, three ounces of old koumiss (for a ferment), and one ounce of saturated solution of sugar of milk. Put all in a large jug, cover carefully, and set the jug in a warm place for twenty-four hours. By that time a thick crust will have formed on the surface of the mixture; beat this up thoroughly and mix all well. Then put the whole into champagne bottles, which should be no more than two thirds full, and cork and wire. Shake the bottles daily. The koumiss will be fit for use in two days, but it is much improved by keeping for about six weeks. It should be drawn off with a tap.

Home-Made Koumiss

Boil fresh milk, and when nearly cold put into quart bottles, leaving room to shake. Add half an ounce of crushed lump sugar and a piece of Vienna yeast the size of a hazel nut (i. e., twenty grains), cork with new corks, tie down, keep cool, lay the bottles horizontal, but shake twice daily. Ready to drink on sixth day, or earlier in hot, later in cold weather.

The koumiss can be made thinner by using skimmed milk.

Home-Made Lime Water

Pour two quarts of hot water over fresh, unslacked lime (size of a walnut), stir till slacked, let stand till clear and bottle. Often ordered with milk to neutralise acidity of the stomach.