Second Day. Breakfast

Tea or coffee with cream.

Toasted sardines on fried gluten bread. Boiled egg.

Bran bread. Butter. Marmalade.


Fried bacon served on a puree of spinach. Cauliflower au gratin with black butter sauce. Gorgonzola cheese. Gluten dinner rolls. Slice of almond pound cake (Messrs Callaid's).


Tomato puree.

Steamed sole. Sauce Hollandaise.

Boiled fowl.

Carrageen jelly.

Stuffed tomatoes.

Cauliflower au gratin.

This makes a nice course by itself. The cauliflower should be boiled until quite tender. While boiling, remove any scum that rises to the top.

When ready, lift it out, drain for a minute or two on a colander, and serve with black butter sauce poured over it. Sprinkle the sauce with Parmesan cheese.

Sauce Hollandaise

Yolks of 4 eggs.

2 ounces fresh butter.

1/2 gill of cream.

Pinch of pepper, salt, nutmeg.

I teaspoonful tarragon vinegar.

Place ingredients into small bowl. Stand it into large pan on the fire containing boiling water. Briskly whisk the sauce over the fire until it begins to thicken and presents a rich, smooth, creamy appearance. Great care is required to prevent it from curdling; if, however, this should happen, add yolks of two more eggs.

Stuffed Tomatoes

3 ripe tomatoes.

1/2 ounce of butter.

I spring onion.

1/2 teaspoonful chopped parsley.

1 pinch mixed herbs.

2 mushrooms, or a teaspoonful Parmesan cheese. Crumbs of I almond biscuit.

Pepper and salt.

Cut off the stalks, leaving a hole the size of a threepenny bit. Squeeze out the juice and pips. To the juice and pips add the onion chopped, the chopped parsley, mixed herbs, and the mushrooms or cheese. Melt the butter and fry the mixture. Then add sufficient almond biscuit crumbs to make the whole into a moist paste.

Fill the tomatoes with the mixture until they resemble their original shape.

Put a few crumbs and a little piece of butter on the top of each.

Place the filled tomatoes in a baking dish and bake until tender, and moisten with a little oil or butter. Serve in a dish with fried parsley round.

Carrageen Jelly, Or Irish Moss

Irish moss is a seaweed, and is collected on the northern shores of Ireland. Its nutritive value is slight; it contains mainly mucilage, and also some iodine and sulphur. It should be well washed and soaked for some hours previous to cooking. The flavour is somewhat peculiar, but delicate, and to some very palatable.

I ounce Irish moss. 1 quart cold water.

Lemon juice. Saccharin to taste.

Wash the Irish moss well, and soak it for several hours in cold water. Then put into a saucepan with one quart of cold water, and simmer slowly for from four to five hours. Strain, add the lemon juice, and sweeten to taste. Pour into a wetted mould and set aside until cold.

Third Day. Breakfast

Tea and coffee, with cream.

Scrambled eggs on toasted brown bread. Broiled kippered salmon.

Gluten flour bread. Butter.


Cocoa nibs and cream.

Chicken panada and green peas. Potted head.

Imperial cheese. Gluten cracknels. Gluten flour scones.


Chicken broth. Thicken with almond flour.

Fish souffle.

Curry and French beans. (The basis of this is cocoa-nut, green apples, or green rhubarb.) Gluten and almond baked pudding. (Make as semolina pudding, using gluten and almond flour.) Savoury eggs.


There are various forms in the market. The smallest fish are the best. They can be procured smoked or preserved with tomatoes. If rolled in slices of streaky bacon and fried, they form a very appetising dish.

Girdle Scones

1/2 lb. of gluten flour. 1/2 ounce of butter. 1/2 teaspoonful of soda.

1/2 teaspoonful of cream of tartar. Salt or saccharin to taste. 1/2 teacupful of buttermilk.

Rub butter into the flour and other dry ingredients; make into a soft dough with milk. Form into a scone, or little breakfast rolls, or twists, and bake in oven for fifteen minutes.

Savoury Eggs

3 hard boiled eggs. 1 small piece of onion, chopped.

1/4 gill of cream. Pepper. Salt to taste. Mustard.

1/2 ounce of butter. 1 tomato.

1 tablespoonful of Parmesan cheese. Divide the eggs in half; take out the yolks.

Mix together the yolks, cream, cheese, butter, onion finely chopped; pepper, salt, and mustard to taste. Fill the white parts of eggs with the mixture.

Cut six rounds of brown bread; butter them; on each piece lay a slice of tomato, and on this half of a filled egg. Garnish the dish with cress.

Almond Pudding

2 eggs.

1/4 lb. of almond flour.

1/4 lb. of butter.

2 tabloids of saccharin dissolved in a tablespoonful of brandy.

Warm the butter, beat in the almond flour and the yolks of the eggs, adding the dissolved saccharin. Whisk the whites to a stiff froth; beat all together. Put into small cake moulds, bake in a quick oven, and serve with a little hot sauce made with dry sherry and saccharin.

Cocoa-nut pudding can be made in the same way.

Fourth Day. Breakfast

Tea, coffee, or cocoa from nibs.

Grilled kidney and bacon. Crab omelet.

Bran bread and cocoa-nut biscuits.


Lime juice and aerated water. (Unsweetened Montserrat lime juice).

Anchovies on fried gluten bread slices; if cold, a spoonful of cream on the top.

Cold meat and tomato salad.

Pate de foie gras, with bran biscuits.


Soup Julienne.

Salmon. Mayonnaise sauce and cucumber.

Sweetbreads and tomato.


Mushrooms au gratin.

Tomato Salad.

Slice up two perfectly firm and ripe tomatoes. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the core and pips. Add a teaspoonful of oil and two teaspoonfuls of vinegar, and sprinkle on a little pepper and salt.

Mayonnaise Sauce

Yolks of 3 eggs.

1/2 pint best salad oil.

1/2 gill tarragon vinegar. Pepper and salt.

In a round basin begin stirring, with a wooden spoon, the yolks of the eggs, pepper, and salt, until they are quite mixed. Then add, drop by drop, the salad oil and the vinegar, stirring all the time in the same direction; if added quickly, the egg curdles. When finished, the sauce must have a creamy appearance.

Sweetbreads And Vegetables

For the preparation of sweetbreads, see p. 308. The prepared sweetbreads are first stewed in milk, then rolled in slices of fat bacon, and placed in the oven for a quarter of an hour.

The bacon is then removed; the sweetbreads are cut in slices, and grated Parmesan cheese is shaken over them. They are again placed in the oven and braised in a rich brown gravy.

Served on croutons of gluten bread, in the centre of which can be placed stewed tomatoes, green peas, fresh French beans, stewed mushrooms.

Mushrooms Au Gratin

10 mushrooms. Piece of onion.

1 teaspoonful chopped parsley.

1 saltspoonful of thyme, fresh.

„ „ dried.

Pepper Salt Lemon juice to taste.

Almond biscuit crumbs. 1 ounce butter.

Select 10 cup mushrooms about the same size. Peel the mushrooms very carefully without breaking them; cut out the stalks close down with a spoon, and scoop out the inside. Peel the stalks, and chop them up with the scooped-out portion; add the onion, parsley, and thyme. Fry all this in the pan with a little butter. Add sufficient biscuit crumbs to make the whole into a moist paste, and season to taste. Bake in the oven until the mushrooms are quite tender. Serve with some nicely fried parsley round it.

Fifth Day. Breakfast

Tea, chocolate, coffee, and cream.

Findon haddocks, stewed in milk or broiled.

Poached eggs on spinach.

Almond loaves. Gluten cracknels. Butter.


Cocoa nibs.

Potted herrings. Stewed cucumber and cheese sauce.

Stilton cheese. Pine biscuits. Toasted gluten flour bread.


Puree of lettuce or spinach.

Turbot and tartar sauce (see p. 488).

Roast chicken and watercress.


(See p. 301, using saccharin instead of sugar).

Tarragon creams.

Stewed Cucumber And Cheese Sauce

Cut a fresh cucumber in pieces about 4 inches long. Boil until tender. Pour over the cucumber when cooked the following cheese sauce: - Make the sauce in the same way as sauce Hollandaise (p. 484), omitting the tarragon vinegar, and add 3 tablespoonfuls of grated Parmesan cheese before serving.

Tartar Sauce. 2 tablespoonfuls of mayonnaise sauce. 1 teaspoonful chopped parsley. A small piece of very finely chopped shallot. I teaspoonful of mustard. Mix these ingredients well together and gently heat.

Tarragon Creams

2 eggs.

Pepper and salt.

1/4 pint cream.

2 teaspoonfuls chopped tarragon.

Put into a basin 1 white and yolks of 2 eggs, the cream, and a little white pepper and salt. Beat up with a fork until smooth, add a little chopped tarragon.

Butter some little moulds, sprinkle the top with chopped tarragon and truffles.

Pour in the mixture and stand the moulds in a stewpan of boiling water reaching to three-quarters height of the moulds.

When the water boils, draw the pan to the side of the stove and poach for about twenty minutes till the creams are set.

Turn out on a warm dish and serve with sauce Hollandaise round them.

Sixth Day

Breakfast lea, coffee, with cream.

Cutlets of egg, ham, or crab. Camp pie.

Gluten and bran bread. Butter. Marmalade.


Fish roe souffles.

Smoked tongue and salad.

Cheese, with almond biscuits.



Whitebait. Lemon, sliced. Brown bread and butter.

Roast lamb. Mint sauce. Asparagus.

Gooseberry fool.

Hot caviare on toast. Gluten bread.

Fish Roe Souffle's

Take six roes of fresh herrings, blanch and pound them; then flavour with salt, pepper, pounded mace, and nutmeg. Add 1/2 ounce butter and yolks of 2 eggs beaten well together. Whisk the whites of 6 eggs into a stiff froth. Mix the same with the roes, and bake in ramekin cups for about five minutes.

Serve immediately the souffles are removed from the oven.