Hard white cabbage Tender asparagus Very young peas Young string beans Carrots Cauliflower Chicory


Very young cucumbers

Young dandelions



Imported endive


Attractive Combinations

Tart apple on lettuce

Tender celery in peeled tomatoes

Tender celery and apple

Chopped mint on cabbage

Cold left-over peas in peeled tomatoes

Molded spinach on a slice of boiled turnip

Grated raw carrot with ground pecans

Macedoine of vegetables on lettuce

Macedoine in turnip cups

Grape fruit and lettuce

Orange and lettuce

Grated raw pineapple and lettuce

All to be served with French dressing-.

Suitable; Combinations For Mayonnaise


White meat of boiled chicken

Tender breastmeat of tame duck

Breasts of birds

Boiled white-fleshed fish

Carefullv-cooked lamb

The tender meat of the chicken and lamb may be mixed with finely-shaved celery. Fish is usually served with lettuce or cucumbers.