Put a half ounce of the best isinglass, a quarter of an ounce of pure powdered gum Arabic, a half ounce of rock candy, a quarter of a nutmeg, grated, and a pint of port wine into a quart fruit jar, cover, shake and stand aside over night. Next morning stand the jar into a kettle of cold water, bring the water to boiling point and simmer until the gum is dissolved; stir, strain and stand aside to cool.

Give a teaspoonful at a time, in cases of exhaustion. I have also found it useful in cases of tuberculosis.

Quick Grape Jelly

Put two teaspoonfuls of prepared vegetable gelatin into a half pint of grape juice, add two tablespoonfuls of sugar, stir over the fire until the gelatin is dissolved, and turn at once into small molds or small stem glass dishes.

Orange And Wine Jelly

A level teaspoonful of granulated gelatin soaked in two tablespoonfuls of cold water; add two tablespoonfuls of orange juice, one tablespoonful of port wine and a table-spoonful of sugar; stir over hot water until the gelatin is dissolved, fill at once into a small glass and stand it away to harden.

If admissible, this may be served with whipped cream, or with a soft custard made from a half cupful of milk and one egg.