In cases where the prolonged use of Panopepton is necessary, there is, in addition to the usual manner of giving it, quite a variety of ways of making it pleasing and grateful to the invalid; the following are suggested:

Iced Panopepton

To a small glass half full of clean crushed ice add one tablespoonful of Panopepton; let it stand a moment and then sip slowly.

Panopepton Telly

One ounce fresh Celery (cut in small pieces) One-half (1/2) of a small box best Gelatin

One-quarter teaspoonful ............ Salt

Two dashes ........................ Pepper

Six tablespoonfuls .................. Panopepton

Two cupfuls........................ Cold Water

Soak the gelatin in one-half cupful of cold water for one hour; put the water and celery in a double boiler on the fire and simmer one-half hour; add the salt, pepper, and soaked gelatin and stir until it is dissolved; remove from fire, add Panopepton, stir, and strain through linen into a jelly jar, and set near ice. Serve in small quantities.

Panopepton Jelly With Orange

One-half (1/2) of a small box best Gelatin

One tablespoonful ................. Sugar

Six tablespoonfuls ................ Panopepton

The juice and peel of one......... Orange

One pint ....................... Cold Water

Put the gelatin, orange peel (cut in small pieces), orange juice, and cold water in a dish and let it stand for one hour, then put in a double boiler on the fire, add the sugar and stir until it is dissolved; now strain through linen, add the Panopepton and stir well. Pour into a jelly jar and set near ice. Serve in small quantities.

Panopepton - Hot

To a small teacup two-thirds full of boiling water, add one tablespoonful of Panopepton, and one teaspoonful of fresh lemon juice - a little sugar, if desired - stir. Drink immediately, sipping slowly.

Panopepton Bouillon - Hot

Put one tablespoonful of Panopepton into a small teacup; fill the cup nearly full of boiling water, and flavor to taste with celery salt, or plain salt and pepper; stir, and sip slowly.

Panopepton Cordial

Put into a cordial glass - or any small glass - two teaspoonfuls of clean crushed ice; add one teaspoonful of Fairchild's Essence of Pepsin and three teaspoonfuls of Panopepton. Sip slowly.

Panopepton With Whey

Put into a small teacup one or two teaspoonfuls of clean crushed ice; add one tablespoonful of Panopepton, stir, then fill the cup with whey. Drink slowly.

Junket And Whey

The milk foods familiarly known as junket and whey are now included in the modern "diet list" for the sick, convalescent, invalid and dyspeptic. The prestige of these foods is directly due to the certainty and satisfaction with which they have been long prepared by means of Essence of Pepsin.

The Junket, Soft, Semi-Solid Milk

so prepared presents the entire milk in a semi-solid, jellylike form, especially agreeable to patients who are obliged to refrain for the most part from solid food, and who do not well tolerate plain milk. The junket gives a sense of substance, yet is extremely diffusible and digestible. It may be made extra nutritious by the addition of an egg (or yolk); may be flavored if desired - with coffee, cocoa, vanilla, etc. The plain junket is often used to great advantage in the dietary of children after weaning.