Put one cupful of milk in a double boiler over the fire. Moisten one level tablespoonful of cocoa in a little cold milk, add the scalding milk, return to the double boiler, stir until the cocoa is thoroughly moistened, cover the boiler and cook about two minutes. Sweeten and serve with whipped cream.

Broma and Alkathrepta are made precisely the same as cocoa.

Iced Cocoa

Put one teaspoonful of cocoa into a saucepan, add gradually two ounces of cold water, bring to a boil, boil a minute, add four ounces of milk, take from the. fire and stand near the ice until it is perfectly cold. Sweeten and turn into the serving glass, and if admissible add a little shaved ice and a tablespoonful of whipped cream.

Chocolate may be substituted for cocoa.

Cocoa From The Nibs

Boil two hours a half cupful of the broken cocoa in a farina boiler, with two quarts of water. To serve, add an equal quantity of hot milk. The first mixture will keep for two days.

Racahout Powder

1 pound of rice flour

1 pound of confectioners' XXX sugar 1 ounce of powdered salep

1 pound of cocoa 2 ounces of arrowroot 2 ounces of sugar of milk 1 vanilla bean

Mix and thoroughly rub together, put into glass jars and fasten.

How To Make Racahout

1/2 pint of milk 1 teaspoonful of sugar

1 level tablespoonful of racahout powder

Put the milk over the fire in a double boiler, moisten the racahout powder in a little cold milk, add it to the hot milk, stir until it thickens, add the sugar, and serve with a tablespoonful of whipped cream on the top.

Racahout Blancmange

Three Servings

Put one pint of milk in a double boiler, moisten two tablespoonfuls of racahout and one of rice flour in a little cold milk, add it to the hot milk, stir until it thickens, add a half cupful of sugar, and turn into small molds to harden. Serve with plain cream.