Lemons and limes are not true foods from an ordinary standpoint, but they are agreeable as flavorings, and the potash and other salts they contain, mingled with vegetable acids, makes them valuable anti-scorbutics.

Lemon juice added to plain water is excellent in obesity. In fevers, it cleanses the mouth and stomach, aids digestion and allays thirst.

In large quantities, lemon juice hinders digestion by overpowering the more mild natural acid of the stomach. Taken in the mouth with starchy foods, it hinders the mouth digestion of these foods by neutralizing the alkaline saliva.

A few drops of lemon juice on fish or meat aids in their digestion.

Pure lemon juice is said to be excellent in cases of ptomaine poisoning.

Lemon juice intensifies the flavor of many other fruits. The yellow rind contains a volatile oil; grated, it may be added as flavoring to custards and other dishes.