These berries, known by different names in different places, commonly grow wild in our woods; in fact they are rarely cultivated. They contain some free acid and a little sugar, and on account of their seeds are moderately laxative if eaten alone; with other food they are frequently quite constipating. Huckleberry juice is used as a remedy for chronic diarrhoea. Being sub-acid, the large blueberries can be eaten by people with whom acid fruits disagree.

How To Serve Raw

Select the large blueberries and put them in the refrigerator until moderately cold. Dish them in a small glass dessert dish, and if necessary dust with powdered sugar. Fruits of this kind are better eaten plain, without either sugar or cream.

Huckleberry Juice

Mash the huckleberries with an ordinary potato masher, in a granite or earthen bowl; put the juice into a jelly bag and squeeze and press it. Stand aside in a cold place; use as directed. •

It may be served alone, or with carbonated or plain water.

Huckleberry Flummery

Peel one banana, cut it into slices and press it through a fine sieve. Mash sufficient large huckleberries to make half a cupful; add this to the banana, stir over the fire until they reach boiling point, add a teaspoonful of arrowroot moistened in cold water, and two teaspoonfuls of sugar; cook five minutes and strain into a small glass dish. Serve cold, with plain or whipped cream.