Milk, Eggs And Brandy

Scald a half pint of new milk in a double boiler and stand it away to cool. Separate one fresh egg, beat the white and yolk separately, then mix them together, add a teaspoonful of powdered sugar and beat again. Stir into this mixture a tablespoonful of brandy, pour the mixture into a tumbler and fill the tumbler with the cold scalded milk.

Cold, pasteurized milk or pure raw may be used instead of scalded milk.

Milk, Rum And Isinglass

Purchase a half ounce of the best isinglass; take one little strip which would make a tablespoonful if it were powdered, and pour over it a half cupful of warm water; let it soak for fifteen or twenty minutes, and stir it over hot water until the isinglass is dissolved. Take from the fire, add a teaspoonful of powdered sugar and a tablespoonful of rum. Pour this into a tumbler, and fill the tumbler with cold milk.

Almond Milk With Isinglass

Put one teaspoonful of powdered isinglass into a half pint of fresh milk, soak ten minutes, and when the isinglass is dissolved add six almonds that have been blanched and pounded or ground very fine, and two lumps of loaf sugar. Stir over the fire and cool.

This is sufficient for one feeding.

Almond milk with isinglass is very grateful, if taken warm, in cases of tonsilitis; it is also an excellent food in certain cases of stomach trouble. Strained, with sugar omitted, it may be given in typhoid once or twice a day in place of plain milk.

Asses' Milk

Cover two level tablespoonfuls of powdered gelatin with a half cupful of cold water, soak ten minutes, then add a half pint of boiling rice or barley water, take from the fire and strain. When cold add one pint of cows' milk.

This will be given the same as milk and barley water in fever cases.

Tiger's Milk

This is a very desirable hot weather food for old persons who are inclined to diarrhoea. Add to one quart of milk, a quarter teaspoonful of ground cinnamon, the quarter of a nutmeg, grated, two drops of oil of orange, and just a suspicion of ground cloves. Add the well-beaten whites of two eggs and two tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar. Mix, strain and keep in the cold. Add to each 'tumblerful, at serving time, a tablespoonful of blackberry brandy. Give it slowly through a straw.


Blanch and pound twenty-four almonds. Put them in a quart of milk, stir Well and strain. A very easily-digested and nutritive food. A bland demulcent for an irritated stomach.

Milk And Lime Water

Put a tablespoonful of lime water into a half pint of milk; shake it in a fruit jar, turn it into a glass and use at once.

Milk Punch

Shake a half pint of cold milk until it has a slight froth on the surface; then add a tablespoonful of sugar syrup and a tablespoonful of brandy or whisky, dust with a little nutmeg and serve.

If admissible, put on top a tablespoonful of whipped cream.

Albuminized Milk

Put the white of one egg and a half pint of milk into a quart fruit jar, screw on the top and shake it well for a half minute, strain and serve at once. Make sure the jar and top are perfectly clean.

Gelatinized Milk

Wash a quarter of a box of vegetable gelatin in cold water, drain and add one pint of cold milk, soak in a cold place for one hour. Put this in a double boiler, stir carefully until the gelatin is dissolved, take from the fire, and when cold, add one quart of fresh sweet milk and stand aside in a cold place.

This is very beneficial in cases of inflammatory affections of the alimentary canal, is also useful in whooping cough and for any disease where the mucous membranes are inflamed.

Plain water may be used if desired, but milk gives a greater amount of nourishment.

Plum Porridge

Stone twenty-four large raisins, cover them with a half pint of boiling water, boil ten minutes and strain. Heat a half pint of milk in a double boiler. Moisten a level teaspoonful of cornstarch in a little cold milk, add it to the hot milk, stir until it thickens, and add a saltspoonful of salt; add the raisin water and it is ready for use. This is sufficient for two feedings.

Arrowroot Milk

Put a half pint of milk in a double boiler, add one level teaspoonful of arrowroot moistened in a little cold water, stir until the mixture thickens, cover the vessel and cook ten minutes. One teaspoonful of sugar and two table-spoonfuls of sherry may be added if admissible.