Select a very young chicken, draw it carefully; wash quickly and wipe it dry; put it in a broiler and then over a clear fire, bone side down; broil slowly for fifteen minutes, then turn it and broil on the other side for ten minutes. If you use a gas stove, put it under the gas jets bone side up, then turn it and broil on the other side. As soon as it is done, dish it on a heated plate; spread it lightly with very sweet butter and use at once.

The half of a "squab" chicken will be quite enough for a single feeding.

How To Broil Birds

Split the birds down the back, remove the intestines; with a damp cloth wash and wipe the birds quickly, sprinkle the bone side with salt, brush the skin with a little melted butter, and broil precisely the same as you would broil a chicken. Serve plain on a heated platter, or serve on a slice of nicely-toasted bread. ,

How To Broil Chicken In An Oven

Conveniences for broiling are sometimes lacking even in well-regulated households. One can always broil over coal or wood, but in the summer where oil or gasoline is used it is necessary to "oven broil." Wash the grate in the oven. Light the oven burners and see that the oven is very hot before putting in the chicken or birds. Sprinkle the bone side with salt, brush the skin side with butter and dust it lightly with dry bread crumbs. Put them on the rack, bone side down, put a pan underneath, close the door and cook for a half to three-quarters of an hour; if carefully done the chicken will be juicy and tender.

This is not an inferior way of cooking a chicken, provided the oven is hot at first.