We have two kinds of hominy in our markets, one made from almost the entire grain of white dry corn, with the hull taken off, sold under the name of hominy and samp; and the other, hominy grits. Hominy grits, well cooked, makes an excellent breakfast food for children, the aged and invalids; it should be soaked over night in cold milk or water, and cooked slowly for a long while.

The large hominy, when well cooked, gives variety to a diet in chronic rheumatism. It must be thoroughly cooked and well masticated.

How To Cook Hominy Grits

Wash four tablespoonfuls of hominy grits through several cold waters; add one cupful of milk and a saltspoonful of salt, and stand it in a cold place over night. Next morning turn it into the upper part of a double boiler, stir until the water reaches the boiling point, cover the boiler and cook thirty minutes, or better one hour. Serve with milk or cream, as ordered.

Hominy Jelly

Wash two tablespoonfuls of hominy grits through several cold waters, then stir it into a half pint of boiling water, add a saltspoonful of salt, and boil rapidly, stirring all the while, for five minutes. Then cook it in a double boiler until it is thick and rather transparent. Turn this into individual molds and stand aside to cool.

This should be transparent and not too stiff.

Serve with cream.