To make good Leban and Matzoon, directions must be carefully followed. Put two quarts of milk in a pan over the fire; bring it to almost the boiling point and keep it there for twenty minutes. When it is covered with a thick crust or skin take it from the fire and cool to blood heat, 980 Fahr. Then lift carefully one side of the skin and stir in two tablespoonfuls of the Matzoon or Zoolak, and replace the skin carefully without tearing it. Cover the pan, keep it in a warm place, about 750 Fahr. for six or seven hours. You should have by this time a perfectly thick milk jelly. Serve as a milk jelly or remove the skin and stir a moment until it is thin enough to bottle. Bottle and keep on the ice.

Matzoon or Zoolak can be purchased at any first-class drug shop.

This is exceedingly useful in cases of stomach troubles and in fevers where sweet milk disagrees.