The fruits of trees, enclosed in hard woody coverings instead of soft skins, are) called nuts. In some, the fruit is drupaceous, as the almond, for instance - we eat the "stone kernel" and reject the pulpy covering. This is true also of the nutmeg; although in countries where nutmegs are plentiful, the flesh, which closely resembles the peach, is used for jellies and jams. Nutmeg jelly is tart and tasty, and makes a nice accompaniment to game.

Nuts are divided into two classes, nitrogenous and carbonaceous. The nitrogenous are those containing a large amount of tissue-building foods, as peanuts, pecans, English walnuts, hazel, filbert or cobnuts, pinons, and hickory nuts in general. Almonds and pistachio nuts are used largely as flavoring. The chestnut and the chinquapin are the only two starchy nuts in common use. The black walnut, white walnut or butternut, Brazilian nuts, souari and cocoanuts are oleaginous, containing considerable heat and energy food. The cashew nut (Anacardium occidentale), a common nut in Central and South America, has not until recently been introduced in the United States; its chemical composition is not known, but the fruit itself is interesting. The tree is short and shrub-like. The fruit is the shape of an ordinary bell pepper, sometimes scarlet, sometimes yellow, and both colors are found on the same tree. The fruit is known to the natives as "cashew apple" and is edible. The nut is inclosed in a leathery covering and springs from the blossom end of the fruit. The pulp around the nut contains a very caustic, acrid oily substance which is poisonous and can only be eliminated by heat; for this reason cashew nuts are always sold, in the markets, roasted.

Peanuts truly belong to the leguminous seeds, but in our market are classed with nuts.

Pine or pinon nuts come from the small pinons of the West; they are cheap, easily digested and nutritious.

In many parts of the United States the common acorn is extensively used in making bread, which is, by the way, when properly made, palatable and nutritious.