Under this heading the writer has placed prepared foods that are manufactured, the secret of which is supposed to be patented. Some of them contain a large amount of nourishment in small bulk. Some are preparations of beef, others the casein of milk, gluten, and easily-digested forms of starch. Whether or not these foods are beneficial will be decided by your physician or nurse.

All the foods mentioned under this heading, or in the book, have been used by the writer, and can be depended upon as correct.

The Kellogg Food Company, of Battle Creek, Michigan, make an eighty percent gluten biscuit and gluten flour, both of which have but a trace of starch and are perfectly safe to use in diabetic feeding.

Their sterilized wheat bran is clean and ready to use for the diabetic bran loaf, or to add to ordinary whole wheat or white flour for laxative bread. This same company also makes Granola, Granose Flakes, Whole Wheat, Toasted Corn and Rye Flakes, Gelose, a vegetable gelatin, Nut Mixtures, Almond Meal, Cocoanut Sticks and some pure starch preparations. The writer has used these preparations for a number of years, and found them satisfactory, well prepared and clean.

Maltose, a predigested food, represents thoroughly-digested starch of cereals. It may be used in the place of cornstarch or rice flour. The flavor is agreeable, and it is considered a fat-forming food par excellence, and in gastric or other stomach trouble, with milk, it gives a well-prepared and palatable diet.