Fruit with vegetables

Fruit with cereals.

Fruit with meat.

Mixtures of raw and cooked vegetables.

Mixtures of raw and cooked fruits.

Potatoes in any other form than baked.

Cereals and potatoes at the same time.

Bread and mushes at the same meal.

Drinking at meals.

Extracted, concentrated or fermented foodstuffs.

Alcoholic beverages.

Smoked, pickled or potted preparations.

Sifted, shortened, spiced breadstuffs.

Animal fats, gravies, soups.

Milk with meat.

Nuts with meat or eggs.

Milk with vegetables.

Salmon, eel, lobster, oysters, shrimp.

Veal, duck, pork, mushrooms, peanuts.

Dry beans - but in the form of puree.

Candy or pastry in any form.

Meat in any combination other than that of non-starch vegetables.