What we term the "kingdoms of nature" are divided and subdivided into territories, each one representing laws and principles of internal regulation, all its own. Thus from the standpoint of alimentation, there is as wide a hiatus between the fruit and vegetable as between the vegetable and the mineral. The acid of the fruit, and the starch of the vegetable, call forth fundamentally different reactions in the digestive secretions. The presence of acid fruit in the mouth has been observed to stop the flow of the salivary secretions, which directly and indispensably are connected with the digestion of the starches. Shut off from the digestive action of the salivary glands, the starch in its still non-dextrinated state, is ushered down into the stomach where no provision is made for its digestion, and consequently has to remain unacted upon, until at the close of the digestive labors in the stomach when the non-digested, bacteria-invaded, putrifying mass is permitted passage through the pyloric sphincter into the duodenum and small intestine.

A similar failure awaits the mixture of fruit with proteid-bearing foodstuffs, such as meats, bread and cereal dishes. For as the latter have their main and appropriate digestion in the stomach, while the fruit has its field of digestion in the small intestine, the introduction of fruit into the stomach, at the time the latter is engaged in the digestion of proteids, means a precipitation in the midst of digestive labors of an element intractable to the gastric secretions, and yet prevented from escape through the eventual closure of the irritated pyloric sphincter - the latter being the gastric gateway to the intestinal canal. The consequences, though susceptible to modification by a yet powerful digestion, always tend toward the same ultimate issue; disrupture of the gastric labors, with a conversion of digestion and peptonization into processes of decomposition and fermentation.

But even when taken alone, and unmixed with other foodstuffs, fruit may at times be dangerous to certain constitutions. For as diet has its basis in constitutional affinities, the condition determining the safety or non-safety of a fruit-diet, lies in the predominance in an individual of electric or magnetic polarities, back of which will be found the deeper affinities at work in the mind. The characteristics attending electrically polarized people are manifested in irritability, nervous tension, high-strung susceptibility, strenuousness, etc., in their general personal life. And as uncooked fruit comes under the electric category, the electrically surcharged individual must be careful of its indulgence. The clinical features attending poisoning from fruit-acids manifest in vertigo, headache, muscular soreness in the back, neck and shoulders, which in acute cases may even rise to symptoms of neuritis and neuralgia. On the other hand, as vegetables, in their general constitution, and especially in their cooked form, are magnetic, and their polarity consequently negative, they are more in line with dietetic needs of electrically polarized people.

Fruit and vegetables, hydro-carbons and carbo-hydrates, stand to each other as two opposing, yet complementary, divisions of equally valuable, equally indispensable forms of food. The former predominates in acids and sugars, the latter in starches; the former are centers of polarizations for the positive aspect of evolutionary forces, the latter for negative forces; the former are electric in their relation to life and growth - the latter are magnetic.

Hence the fruit and vegetable are separated by an entire cycle of evolutionary unfoldment, with no direct physiological or biological chain of connection. The fruit is born, nourished and matured in the air, bathed in the electric currents of sunlight and oxygen - a center of nutritional life, brought into form and substance through the action and reaction of molecular movements. It is the incarnation of a fairy carnival of sunbeams and electric "ions," caught on the wing and fixed into spheroid moulds of energy through the crystalizing influence of the minerals of the earth, transmitted along the cambium layers of the root, trunk and branches.

It is through these channels that the fruit receives its supporting framework and protective covering. Welling up from within, from the central fountain of life, a ceaseless stream of electric potencies are thus constantly crystalizing into form and substance, and directed by the mystic agencies of the blossom, bud and fruit.

But if the fruit is an electric zone of vital polarization, organized into units of concrete substance, the vegetable holds a position the very opposite. For while the fruit through its full-orbed form expresses a completeness of structure, subtlety of poise and high-tensioned, trigger-balanced organization, ever ready to break up its molecular combination under the pressure of disturbing environments - so on the other hand, the vegetable, by the very angularity and elongation of form, indicates the basis of its composition, and subsequent steadiness and endurance over against adverse environments. Its tendency is molecular-ward - toward preservation and fixity of substance and structure. Again as fruit to its character is oxy-hydrogenous, and predominantly acidic in quality, so the vegetable is carbon-nitrogenous, with fats, starches and salts as its constitutional output. Or lastly, fruit, from its very nature and position is electric, while the vegetable is magnetic.

From this it follows that there are numerous and positive conditions that make a mixture of fruit and vegetables inadvisable at the same meal for those who eat to live and are desirous of a healthy, useful life. Owing to its electric quality the fruit is rapidly disorganized, and shows tendency to decomposition in consequence of the slightest bruise or injury to its surface; while a vegetable can for a long time resist the dissolving influence of hostile environments. This fundamental dissimilarity in their constitutional equipment, results in quite a different power of reaction to the gastric and intestinal secretions and causes a vast difference in the time required for their respective digestion. Hence the average fruit requires only one hour, or one hour and twenty minutes for digestion, the cooked vegetable requires from two to three hours, which means that to the extent they are ingested simultaneously, they are intercepting the normal cycle of their digestion. Suspended in the stomach or intestine in a temperature of 97 farh., the fruit with its sensitive nature, will complete its digestive cycle before the vegeta ble is half through, which again must give rise to a series of disorderly processes to break in and interrupt the normal chain of digestive progression. The rapid disintegration of the fruit renders its lapse into fermentation inevitable, followed by the infection of the entire gastric contents. Sour stomach, belching of gas, virtigo, etc., testify to the collapse of digestion into fermentation, and nutrition into auto-intoxication.

These grave changes in many cases, however, may proceed without giving rise to any annoyance, or even knowledge, of the individual, as to the subversion of his digestive labors. According to his immediate sensation the food agrees with him. The constitutional power of his nature, and the vital reserve force - ever at his disposal - gives him a temporary supply of life, that for a longer or shorter period of time enables the defence work of his system to triumph over the difficulty, and neutralizes the destructive changes, or to postpone their manifestation until a systemic breakdown or premature old age foreshortens his life cycle. Premature breakdown, feeble old age at sixty, tumors, cancers, diseases at the time of the climacteric, etc., are due to a reckless and wanton wastefulness of our vital forces in the struggle to defy and subdue the enemies of our own household, introduced into our life by our own careless and gluttonous living.