On the various Branches of Medicine and Surgery.

Can be used by Students of any College.

Price of each, Handsome Cloth, $3.00. Full Leather, $3.50.

The object of this series is to furnish good manuals for the medical student, that will strike the medium between the compend on one hand and the prolix textbook on the other - to contain all that is necessary for the student, without embarrassing him with a flood of theory and involved statements. They have been prepared by well-known men, who have had large experience as teachers and writers, and who are, therefore, well informed as to the needs of the student.

Their mechanical execution is of the best - good type and paper, handsomely illustrated whenever illustrations are of use, and strongly bound in uniform style.

Each book is sold separately at a remarkably low price, and the immediate success of several of the volumes shows that the series has met with popular favor.

No. 1. Surgery

236 Illustrations.

A Manual of the Practice of Surgery. By Wm. J. Walsham, m.d., Asst. Surg, to, and Demonstrator of Surg, in, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, etc. 228 Illustrations.

Presents the introductpry facts in Surgery in clear, precise language, and contains all the latest advances in Pathology, Antiseptics, etc.

"It aims to occupy a position midway between the pretentious manual and the cumbersome System of Surgery, and its general character may be summed up in one word - practical." - The Medical Bulletin.

"Walsham, besides being an excellent surgeon, is a teacher in its best sense, and having had very great experience in the preparation of candidates for examination, and their subsequent professional career, may be relied upon to have carried out his work successfully. Without following out in detail his arrangement, which is excellent, we can at once say that his book is an embodiment of modern ideas neatly strung together, with an amount of careful organization well suited to the candidate, and, indeed, to the practitioner." - British Medical Journal.

Price of each Book, Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.50.

No. 2. Diseases Of Women

130 Illus. NEW EDITION.

The Diseases Of Women

By Dr. F. Winckel, Professor of Gynaecology and Director of the Royal University Clinic for Women, in Munich. Translated from the German by Dr. J. H. Williamson, under the supervision of, and with an introduction by, The-ophilus Parvin, m.d., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children in Jefferson Medical College. 140 Engravings, most of which are new. Second Edition, Enlarged. "The book will be a valuable one to physicians, and a safe and satisfactory one to put into the hands of students. It is issued in a neat and attractive form, and at a very reasonable price." - Boston Medical and Surgl. Journal.

No. 3. Obstetrics

227 Illustrations.

A Manual of Midwifery. By Alfred Lewis Galabin, m.a., M.D., Obstetric Physician and Lecturer on Midwifery and the Diseases of Women at Guy's Hospital, London; Examiner in Midwifery to the Conjoint Examining Board of England, etc. With 227 Illus. "This manual is one we can strongly recommend to all who desire to study the science as well as the practice of midwifery. Students at the present time not only are expected to know the principles of diagnosis, and the treatment of the various emergencies and complications that occur in the practice of midwifery, but find that the tendency is for examiners to ask more questions relating to the science of the subject than was the custom a few years ago. * * * The general standard of the manual is high; and wherever the science and practice of midwifery are well taught it will be regarded as one of the most important text-books on the subject." - London Practitioner.

No. 4. Physiology

Third Edition.


A Manual of Physiology. By Gerald F. Yeo, m.d., f.r.C.s., Professor of Physiology in King's College, London. 321 Illustrations and a Glossary of Terms. Third American from second English Edition, revised and improved. 758 pages.

This volume was specially prepared to furnish students with a new text-book of Physiology, elementary so far as to avoid th«ories which have not borne the test of time and such details of methods as are unnecessary for students in our medical colleges.

"The brief examination I have given it was so favorable that I placed it in the list of text-books recommended in the circular of the University Medical "College." - Prof. Lewis A. Stimson, m.d., 57 East 33d Street, New York.

Price of each Book, Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.50.

No. 5. Organic Chemistry

Or the Chemistry of the Carbon Compounds. By Prof. Victor von Richter, University of Breslau. Authorized translation, from the Fourth German Edition. By Edgar F. Smith, m.a., ph.d. ; Prof, of Chemistry in University of Pennsylvania; Member of the Chem. Socs. of Berlin and Paris.

"I must say that this standard treatise is here presented in a remarkably compendious shape." - J. W. Holland, m.d., Professor of Chemistry, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.

"This work brings the whole matter, in simple, plain language, to the student in a clear, comprehensive manner. The whole method of the work is one that is more readily grasped than that of older and more famed text-books, and we look forward to the time when, to a great extent, this work will supersede others, on the score of its better adaptation to the wants of both teacher and student." - Pharmaceutical Record.

"Prof, von Richter's work has the merit of being singularly clear, well arranged, and for its bulk, comprehensive. Hence, it will, as we find it intimated in the preface, prove useful not merely as a text-book, but as a manual of reference." - The Chemical News, London.