Bartley's Medical Chemistry. A text-book prepared specially for Medical, Pharmaceutical and Dental Students. With 40 Illustrations, Plate of Absorption Spectra and Glossary of Chemical Terms. Cloth, 2.50

*** This book has been written especially for students and physicians. It is practical and concise, dealing only with those parts of chemistry pertaining to medicine; no time being wasted in long descriptions of substances and theories of interest only to the advanced chemical student.

Bloxam's Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic, with Experiments. Seventh Edition. Enlarged and Rewritten. Nearly 300 Illus trations. Cloth, 4.50; Leather, 5.50

Richter's Inorganic Chemistry. A text-book for Students. Third American, from Fifth German Edition. Translated by Prof. Edgar F. Smith, ph.d. 89 Wood Engravings and Colored Plate of Spectra. Cloth, 2.00

Richter's Organic Chemistry, or Chemistry of the Carbon Compounds. Translated by Prof. Edgar . F. Smith, ph.d. Illustrated. Cloth, 3.00; Leather, 3.50

See pages 2 to 5 for list of Students' Manuals.

Trimble. Practical and Analytical Chemistry. A Course in Chemical Analysis, by Henry Trimble, Prof, of Analytical Chemistry in the Phila. College of Pharmacy. Illustrated. Second Edition. 8vo. Cloth, 1.50

Tidy. Modern Chemistry. 2d Ed. Cloth, 5.50

Leffmann's Compend of Chemistry. Inorganic and Organic. Including Urinary Analysis and the Sanitary Examination of Water. New Edition. Cloth, 1.00; Interleaved for Notes, 1.25

Muter. Practical and Analytical Chemistry. Second Edition. Revised and Illustrated. Cloth, 2.00

Holland. The Urine, Common Poisons, and Milk Analysis, Chemical and Microscopical. For Laboratory Use. 3d Edition, Enlarged. Illustrated. Cloth, 1.00

Van Niiys. Urine Analysis. Ulus. Cloth, 2.00

Wolff's Applied Medical Chemistry. By Lawrence Wolff, m.d., Demonstrator of Chemistry in Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Cloth, 1.00