Anderson, (McCall) Skin Diseases. A complete Text-Book, with Colored Plates and numerous Wood Engravings. 8vo. Just Ready. Cloth, 4.50; Leather, 5.50

"We welcome Dr. Anderson's work not only as a friend, but as a benefactor to the profession, because the author has stricken off mediaeval shackles of insuperable nomenclature and made crooked ways straight in the diagnosis and treatment of this hitherto but little understood class of diseases. The chapter on Eczema is alone worth the price of the book." - Nashville Medical News.

" Worthy its distinguished author in every respect; a work whose practical value commends it not only to the practitioner and student of medicine, but also to the dermatologist." - James Nevens Hyde, m.d., Prof, of Skin and Venereal Diseases, Rush Medical College, Chicago.

Van Harlingen on Skin Diseases. A Handbook of the Diseases of the Skin, their Diagnosis and Treatment (arranged alphabetically). By Arthur Van Harlingen, m.d., Clinical Lecturer on Dermatology, Jefferson Medical College; Prof, of Diseases of the Skin in the Philadelphia Polyclinic. 2d Edition. Enlarged. With colored and other plates and illustrations. 12mo. Cloth, 2.50

Bulkley. The Skin in Health and Disease. By L. Duncan Bulkley, Physician to the N. Y. Hospital. Illus. Cloth, .50