Jacobson. Operations in Surgery. A Systematic Handbook for Physicians, Students and Hospital Surgeons. By W. H. A. Jacobson, b.a., Oxon. f.r.c.s. Eng.; Ass't Surgeon Guy's Hospital ; Surgeon at Royal Hospital for Children and Women, etc. With 199 finely printed illustrations. 1006 pages. 8vo.

Cloth. $5.00; Leather, $6.00

Heath's Minor Surgery, and Bandaging. Ninth Edition. 142 Illustrations. 60 Formulae and Diet Lists. Cloth, 2.00

Horwitz's Compend of Surgery, including Minor Surgery, Amputations, Fractures, Dislocations, Surgical Diseases, and the Latest Antiseptic Rules, etc., with Differential Diagnosis and Treatment. By Orville Hokwitz, b.s., m.d., Demonstrator of Anatomy, Jefferson Medical College ; Chief, Out-Patient Surgical Department, Jefferson Medical College Hospital. 3d edition. Very much Enlarged and Rearranged. 91 Illustrations and 77 Formulae. 12 mo. No. 0? Quiz-Compend? Series.

Cloth, i.oo; Interleaved for the addition of Notes, 1.25.

Pye's Surgical Handicraft. A Manual of Surgical Manipulations, Minor Surgery, Bandaging, Dressing, etc., etc. With special chapters on Aural Surgery, Extraction of Teeth, Anaesthetics, etc. 208 Illustrations. 8vo. Cloth, 5.00

Swain's Surgical Emergencies. New Edition. Illus. Go., 1.50 - See pages 15 and 16 for list of ? Quiz- Compends?

Walsham. Manual of Practical Surgery. For Students and Physicians. By Wm. J. Walsham, m.d., f.r.c.s., Asst. Surg, to, and Dem. of Practical Surg, in, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Surgeon to Metropolitan Free Hospital, London. With 236 Engravings. See Page 2. Cloth, 3.00; Leather, 3.50