Mackenzie. Diseases of the (Esophagus, Nose and Nasopharynx. By Sir Morell Mackenzie, m.d., Senior Physician to the Hospital for Diseases of the Chest and Throat; Lecturer on Diseases of the Throat at the London Hospital, etc., with Formulae and 93 Illustrations. Being Vol. 11, complete in itself, of Dr. Mackenzie's text-book on the Throat and Nose.

Cloth, 3.00; Leather, 4.00

"It is both practical and learned; abundantly and well illustrated; its descriptions of disease are graphic and the diagnosis the best we have anywhere seen." - Philadelphia Medical Times.

Cohen. The Throat and Voice. Illustrated. Cloth, .50

James. Sore Throat. Its Nature, Varieties and Treatment. 12mo. Illustrated. Paper cover, .75; Cloth, 1.25