J. Rogues de Fursacy, M.D., formerly Chief of Clinic at the Medical Faculty of Paris, Physician in Chief of the Public Insane Asylums of the Seine Department.

Chapters or sections dealing with symptomatology, general therapeutic indications, epilepsy, dementia praecox, paranoia, manic-depressive psychoses, involutional melancholia, acute and chronic alcoholism, drug addictions, general paralysis, deliria of infectious origin, psychoses of exhaustion, ursemic delirium, myxoedema and cretinism, and senile dementia.

Aaron J. Rosanoff, M.D., Clinical Director, Kings Park State Hospital, N. Y., Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Section, Offices' Reserve Corps, U. S. Army.

General editorial responsibility; also chapters, sections, or appendices dealing with etiology, history taking, methods of examination, special diagnostic procedures, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, prognosis, prevalence of mental disorders, prophylaxis, medico-legal questions, extramural psychiatry, arrests of development, constitutional psychopathic states, psychoneu-roses, Huntington's chorea, cerebro-spinal syphilis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, traumatic psychoses, hyperthyroidism, organic cerebral affections, Wassermann reaction, association test.

H. L. Hollingworth, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, Columbia University.

Chapters or appendices dealing with applications of psychology in psychiatry, normal course of mental development, and standard psychological group tests.

Miss Mary C. Jarrett, Associate Director, Smith College Training School for Social Work; formerly Chief of Social Service, Boston Psychopathic Hospital.

Chapter dealing with applications of sociology in psychiatry.

Clarence A. Neymann, M.D., Superintendent, Cook County Psychopathic Hospital, Chicago.

Appendix dealing with lumbar puncture, cell count, and chemical tests of cerebro-spinal fluid.