63. Bath

Word denoting or implying an effect of bathing on the body.

Any body of water.

Any kind of bath; any part of bath, lavatory, or toilet equipment.

Any material of which a bathing equipment is largely made.

Word denoting a state of partial or complete undress.

Any beach or bathing resort.

Any aquatic feat of gymnastics.

64. Cottage

Word pertaining to landscape gardening.

Any place of cottage location.

Any part of a house; any color.

Any material used in the construction of a cottage.

Any laborer or mechanic having to do with the construction of a cottage.

Any part of the process of construction of a cottage.

Any commercial term pertaining to ownership, taxes, mortgages, sale, renting, or occupancy of a cottage. Any article of furniture.

65. Swift

Any means or manner of locomotion.

Word denoting or implying motion or rate of motion.

Any animal or familiar object characterized by rapid locomotion.

Any word clearly related to the word Swift used as a proper name.

66. Blue

Word which may be used to express subjective characterization of the blue color. Any object or substance which is always or often blue in color. Anything which is by convention or common usage connected with the blue color. Any organ, tissue, or lesion, exposed to view, which may have a blue color imparted to it by the blood or by physiological pigment. Any color or coloring material.

67. Hungry

Any animal.

Any article of food; any meal.

Word denoting taste or flavor.

Word denoting or implying privation or torture

Any article of table linen, china, or silver.

Any private or public eating place.

Any organ of digestion; any function of nutrition.

Word designating any person engaged in the preparation or sale of foods.

68. Priest

Any religion or denomination.

Any article or act of religious ritual.

Any term of theology.

Word denoting or implying sanctity.

Word denoting or implying belief, disbelief, or doubt.

Word pertaining to church organization.

Proper name of any priest.

Any article of clerical attire.

Any profession more or less peculiarly masculine.

69. Ocean

Any body of water.

Any plant or animal living in the ocean.

Any term of physical geography.

Any vessel or contrivance for navigation.

Word pertaining to navigation; any nautical term.

Common or proper name of any place bordering on the ocean.

Any aquatic feat of gymnastics.

70. Head

Any organization which has a person occupying the highest office.

Word denoting or implying the highest office of any organization.

Any intellectual faculty, quality, or operation.

Any part of the head.

Any pathological condition affecting the head.

71. Stove

Any part of a stove.

Any kitchen utensil.

Any artificial heating apparatus; any fuel.

Any manner of cooking; any person engaged in cooking food.

Any article of household furniture.

72. Long

Any word involving the concept of duration.

Word denoting shape, relative or absolute dimension, or distance.

Any object in which characteristically one dimension exceeds any other.

73. Religion

Any religion or denomination; the name of any race or nation.

Any term of theology.

Any branch of metaphysical philosophy.

74. Whiskey

Any beverage; the name of any brand of whiskey.

Any material of which whiskey is made.

Word denoting taste or flavor.

Any occasion or ceremony commonly associated with the use of alcoholic beverages. Word denoting a state of lowered consciousness. Any physiological or pathological effect of alcohol; also any well-known indirect effect.

75. Child

Word denoting or implying age of a person.

Word pertaining to familial relationships or domestic organization.

Name of any person.

Any part of a person's body.

Any article of a child's apparel.

Any common child's toy or game.

Word pertaining to educational organization.

Any word descriptive of the natural physical or mental make-up of a child, or of the rate or degree of physical or mental development. Word pertaining to any custom or ceremony connected with the birth or rearing of children. Any term of obstetrics. Any word clearly related to the word Child used as a proper name.

76. Bitter

Any substance having a bitter, sour, sweet, or salt taste, or a complex taste quality which may be characterized as strong.

Word denoting a taste or flavor quality.

Any organ of taste.

Any word in connection with which the word bitter may be used in the sense of poignant.

77. Hammer

Any tool or weapon.

Any trade involving the use of a hammer.

78. Thirsty

Any beverage.

Any animal.

Word denoting taste or taste quality.

Any part of the upper end of the digestive tract.

Any drinking place; any container of a beverage.

Any fruit; any dessert.

Any food ingredient commonly known to excite thirst.

79. City

Name of any division of political geography.

Any architectural structure.

Any part of a city.

Word pertaining to the political organization of a city.

80. Square

The name of any city.

The name of any square in a city or town.

Any geometrical figure or part of one.

Any object that is always or often square in shape.

Any device used in the arts for measuring angles, arcs, or distances between points. Any part of a carpenter's or draughtsman's square. Any trade involving the use of the square.

81. Butter

Any article of food; any meal.

Any article of table linen, china, or silver; any cooking utensil.

Any process of cooking.