82. Doctor

The name of any physician.

Any medical specialty or practice.

Any medical or surgical procedure.

Any therapeutic remedy or method.

Any organization for the treatment of disease.

Name of any injury or disease.

83. Loud

Any sound or sound quality.

Any part of the human vocal apparatus.

Any act of vocalization.

Any musical instrument.

Any apparatus for making sound signals.

Word denoting renown or commendation.

84. Thief

Word denoting crime or wrongdoing.

Word denoting any circumstance propitious for theft.

Any common measure for the prevention or punishment of crime.

Any judicial, police, or penal authority.

Any readily portable article of value.

Word denoting renown.

85. Lion

Word denoting or implying fear. Any animal.

86. Jot

Word denoting a state, quality, faculty, or function of the mind.

Any common manifestation of emotion.

Any occasion, act, or means of recreation or of pleasurable excitement.

87. Bed

Any article of bedding, bed linen, or night-clothes.

Any article of furniture.

Any living room, apartment, or building.

Any part of a room.

Any division of the diurnal cycle.

Any material of which beds are made.

Word pertaining to sleep or rest.

88. Heavy

Word denoting or implying weight or lightness.

Any object or substance which characteristically possesses the quality of either great weight or marked lightness. Any means of support or suspension. Any fabric; any article of clothing or bedding. Word denoting something to be carried or transferred. Any painful emotion. Word denoting a state of lowered consciousness.

89. Tobacco

The name of any brand or variety of tobacco.

Term denoting any common quality of tobacco.

Any physiological or pathological effect of tobacco.

Any word which expresses subjective characterization of tobacco.

90. Baby

Word denoting or implying age or size of a person.

Word pertaining to familial relationships or domestic organization.

Name of any person.

Any part of a person's body.

Any article of a child's apparel.

An}' common child's toy or game.

Word pertaining to any custom or ceremony connected with the birth or rearing of children. Any term of obstetrics.

91. Moon

Any term of astronomy.

Word denoting or implying illumination or obscuration of light.

Any division of the diurnal cycle.

92. Scissors

Any operation or handicraft involving the use of scissors.

Any fabric; any article of clothing.

Any metal of which scissors are made.

Any tool for cutting, piercing, or sharpening.

Any operation of cutting, piercing, or sharpening.

93. Quiet

Any place where silence usually prevails or is enforced.

Word denoting or implying a state of lowered psychical activity or of psychical inhibition. Word denoting heightened psychical activity. Any word pertaining to the emotions.

94. Green

Word which may be used to express subjective characterization of the green color. Any object or substance which is always or often green in color. Anything which is by convention or common usage connected with the green color. Any color or coloring material.

Any plant, collection of plants, or part of a plant.

Any word clearly related to the word Green used as a proper name.

95. Salt

Any article of food that is usually seasoned with salt; any seasoning; any relish. Any article of table linen, china, or silver. Any process of cooking. Any term of chemistry.

96. Street

Name of any street or city. Any part of a street. Any building.

Any manner or means of locomotion commonly employed in traveling through streets.

97. King

Any name of the Deity.

The proper or common name of any ruler of a nation or of a smaller municipality. Any nation or country. Any title of nobility. Any word clearly related to the word King used as a proper name.

98. Cheese

Any article of food; any meal.

Word denoting any variety of cheese.

Word pertaining to taste, flavor, or odor.

Word pertaining to appetite.

Any article of table linen, china, or silver.

99. Blossom

Any plant, collection of plants, or part of a plant.

Any term of botany.

Any division of the annual cycle.

100. Afraid

Any affective state; any common demonstration of emotion. Any common object of fear.

Word denoting or implying danger, courage; any means of defense or protection against danger.