One of the medicines that promote sleep. It is less powerful than opium, although a very large amount of it taken will poison fatally. It is a white crystalline substance, of a pungent taste and color.

Dose, from ten to thirty grains for an adult; for a child, one grain for each year of its age. It should be taken or given only as prescribed by a physician ; and when so advised, left off as soon as his judgment will allow. The same sort of danger attends its use as does that of opium, of forming a chloral habit, depending upon it for sleep, and requiring larger and larger doses, with at last great injury to the health.

Chlorate of Potassium (chlorate of potash, commonly called). - A favorite medicine with physicians and others, for sore mouth and sore throat. It often does more good to sore mouths, in babies especially, than anything else. But it must not be swallowed without limitation. While safe in doses of a few grains, half-ounce doses of it are dangerous; sometimes even producing death.

Dose, for a grown person, from ten to twenty grains; for a child, three or four years old, five grains; dissolved in water. Its solution also makes a very good gargle for sore throat.